4 Week Fertility Yoga + Nutrition Program

4 Week Fertility Yoga + Nutrition Program

Are you looking to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy?

This fertility and nutrition yoga program is designed for parents-to-be who are looking for trusted guidance on how to naturally prepare the body for pregnancy.

Join Nora DeBora in this curated 4-week fertility yoga and nutrition program. Nora is a Preconception Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor who specializes in helping women prepare their body for a healthy pregnancy after 30.

The fertility yoga series is for all levels and specifically designed to help you conceive by de-stressing, improving mindset, releasing muscle tension and bringing blood flow to the uterus, hips, heart, and other abdominal organs. Nora incorporates breathing, visualisation and positive affirmation into the asana practices. She has designed the program to include 1 energizing and restorative flow within each week (details below).

In addition, learn about Nora’s signature nutrition method, as featured on Mama Glow, 4R’s To Getting Pregnant. She will provide guidance on how you can naturally optimize fertility through knowing what to Remove from your diet, how to Replace it with fertility boosting nutrients, how to Repair your gut to digest your food and how to Rebalance your hormones by eating for your menstrual cycle. Weekly handouts and recipes provided.

What’s Included?
We meet twice weekly on 889 Livestream. You will be led through a total of 8 live fertility yoga classes, along with a total of 60-minute nutrition guidance, plus a 30-minute follow up call with Nora at the end of the program.

How does the program work?

WEEK 1: Cleanse & Ground
Tuesday Nov 24: We begin the program with cleansing the body with an 45-minute energizing yoga themed practice. This will stimulate your entire body to wake up the digestive system, improve blood circulation into your pelvis, and rev up your metabolism. This class will be followed by a 15-minute nutrition talk on what foods to Remove from your diet and why they can be impacting your fertility.
Thursday Nov 26: Finish week 1 with a 60-minute grounding, restorative fertility flow. This class will give you the opportunity to decompress, meditate and reflect within to help calm your nervous system.

WEEK 2: Ignite & Restore
Tuesday Dec 1: We begin week 2 with a fertility flow that will ignite the fire within. In this class you will sweat out toxins to make room for renewed, healthy energy. This class will focus on twisting and toning to help ‘wring out’ all that no longer serves you. This class will be followed by a 15-minute nutrition talk on what to Replace in your diet so you can start to incorporate nutrient dense fertility foods.
Thursday Dec 3: Finish week 2 with a 60 minute restorative fertility flow where you will exhale the soreness, tension and stress while meditating about the potential new life you hope to create.

WEEK 3: Heal and Oxygenate
Tuesday Dec 8: We begin week 3 with a fertility vinyasa flow that will stimulate the core for inner strength. We continue to ‘wring out’ your digestive organs to create space to heal and repair the gut to help you digest your nourishing fertility foods. This class will be followed by a 15-minute nutrition talk on how to Repair your gut to help you get pregnant.
Thursday Dec 10: Finish week 3 with a 60-minute grounded class inspired by yin yoga. We will hold different postures and work with the breath while welcoming new energy, life and healing into your body.

WEEK 4: Bloom With Confidence
Tuesday Dec 15: We begin our final week together with a 45-minute fertility vinyasa flow that will keep you moving and focused while getting the blood flowing to your reproductive organs. This will help set the stage for an optimized and healthier uterus to prepare for your body for a beautiful, growing life. This class will be followed by a 15-minute nutrition talk on how to Rebalance your hormones by eating for your menstrual cycle.
Thursday Dec 17: Our last class will finish with a 60-minute restorative fertility flow. You will move with grace while getting more confident about your brilliant body while visualizing the miracle of life that you wish to bring into this world.

This program is for you if:
You’ve been trying to conceive without a positive test
You're the ultimate planner and looking to get a head start on what you can do now to start preparing your body for a baby in the near future
You've experienced the gut wrenching pain of miscarriage without any answers as to why your pregnancy isn't sticking
You've already had your first or second baby and are suddenly confused as to why it's challenging this time around​​​

What to expect upon completion:
A new found confidence of your brilliant body
Relaxed state of mind by prioritizing yourself with healing and self-love in action
The strength to keep going when you’re overwhelmed and confused
Released muscle tension and calmer nervous system
A mindset of abundance and gratitude
An optimized state of health to increase your chances of getting pregnant

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4 Week Fertility Yoga + Nutrition Program