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Up Next in The Self-Massage + Mobility Series

  • Twist Assist

    In this 30 minute session titled “Twist Assist” you will move through lateral movements and rotations of the spine. Passive and active movements are included to stabilize and mobilize around the mid spine region. This practice will facilitate a greater ease in your capacity to breath fully, and a...

  • Neck Check

    In this 30 minute session titled “Neck Check”, Ella will guide you with her favourite neck exercises. You will roll along the connective tissues of your neck and release tension in your upper thoracic region. Ella will move you through an easy functional movement routine to gain a healthy pain fr...

  • Hip Hip Horray

    In this 30 minute session titled “Hip Hip Hooray” Ella will take you through her favourite hip rolling routine. You will move into all the gluteus muscles, the tensor fascia latae, and the IT band with the balls. The session will release tension, trigger points and create space around the hip joi...