The Self-Massage + Mobility Series

The Self-Massage + Mobility Series

Join Ella Isakov for Self Massage + Mobility, a 10-session series.

In each 30 minute session, Ella targets a different muscle group in the body to carefully and comprehensively release and restore tight and tired muscles. You will learn safe and effective self-massage techniques for stiff necks, tight hips, and tired feet, among many others. Within these sessions you will receive creative and effective tools to help live with greater ease and more vitality.

Ella combines her 12+ years of teaching experience as well as techniques learned from the lineage of Yoga Tune-Up and Functional Range Conditioning to bring you this unique offering.

In each session you will be lead through curated movements and exercises that decrease pain, tension, and inflammation, while also promoting circulation and greater range of motion. In addition, self-massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to settle into cycles of restoring and healing.

In this series you will receive immediate and unlimited access to all 10 classes, over 5 hours of on-demand material. You are encouraged to digest this material at your pace, and return to it over and over again as a valuable resource in your self care routine.

◦ Spine Of Mine
◦ Bolder Shoulder
◦ Happy Feet
◦ Twist Assist
◦ Neck Check
◦ Hip Hip Hooray
◦ Bow Your Lower Back
◦ Show Us Your Psoas
◦ Happy Legs
◦ IT Band Fan

The Self-Massage + Mobility Series
  • Bolder Shoulder

    In this 30 minute session titled “Bolder Shoulders”, Ella will dive deep into the shoulder region. You will learn about the bones of the shoulder and the muscles that contribute to its stability and capacity to move in all the directions it is meant to. There will be rolling and integration of fu...

  • Happy Feet

    In this 30 minute session titled “Happy Feet”, Ella will give you a tour of your feet with the balls. You will roll out all parts of your feet which can have benefits all the way to your neck. Functional movement exercises will be introduced to increase the active range of motion of your toes and...

  • Twist Assist

    In this 30 minute session titled “Twist Assist” you will move through lateral movements and rotations of the spine. Passive and active movements are included to stabilize and mobilize around the mid spine region. This practice will facilitate a greater ease in your capacity to breath fully, and a...

  • Neck Check

    In this 30 minute session titled “Neck Check”, Ella will guide you with her favourite neck exercises. You will roll along the connective tissues of your neck and release tension in your upper thoracic region. Ella will move you through an easy functional movement routine to gain a healthy pain fr...

  • Hip Hip Horray

    In this 30 minute session titled “Hip Hip Hooray” Ella will take you through her favourite hip rolling routine. You will move into all the gluteus muscles, the tensor fascia latae, and the IT band with the balls. The session will release tension, trigger points and create space around the hip joi...

  • Bow to Your Low Back

    In this 30 minute session titled “Bow to your Low Back” you will massage your Quadratus Lumborum (lower back) and release your obliques. Your low back tends to be weak and constricted from sitting too much. This session will release the tension in your low back region and create space along the v...

  • Show Us Your Psoas

    In this 30 minute session titled “Show Us Your Psoas” you will experience a unique class on the psoas and diaphragm. The psoas is a deep long muscle that attaches your lower body to your upper body. The session will both quiet the psoas with soothing therapy ball rollout, and strengthen it with a...

  • Happy Legs

    In this 30 minute session titled “Happy Legs” you will experience a full leg self-massage. Both self-massage and functional movement are integrated into the session to release and hydrate the tissues of your shins, calves, knees, quadriceps and hamstrings. This is a perfect complement to whatever...

  • IT Band Fan

    In this 30 minute session titled “IT Band Fan” you will get up close and personal with the connective tissues of the IT band. Ella will guide you through a roll out session of the muscles associated with the IT band. They include gluteus maximus and medius, tensor fascia latae, quadriceps and the...