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Up Next in The Self-Massage + Mobility Series

  • Hip Hip Horray

    In this 30 minute session titled “Hip Hip Hooray” Ella will take you through her favourite hip rolling routine. You will move into all the gluteus muscles, the tensor fascia latae, and the IT band with the balls. The session will release tension, trigger points and create space around the hip joi...

  • Bow to Your Low Back

    In this 30 minute session titled “Bow to your Low Back” you will massage your Quadratus Lumborum (lower back) and release your obliques. Your low back tends to be weak and constricted from sitting too much. This session will release the tension in your low back region and create space along the v...

  • Show Us Your Psoas

    In this 30 minute session titled “Show Us Your Psoas” you will experience a unique class on the psoas and diaphragm. The psoas is a deep long muscle that attaches your lower body to your upper body. The session will both quiet the psoas with soothing therapy ball rollout, and strengthen it with a...