The Chair Practice

  • Mixed Movement + Tyler (30 min)

    Join Tyler for his signature mixed movement class with a focus on mobility and a deep connection to your body. Tyler will be using a chair in today's class, but feel free to use a couch, wall, or counter!

  • The Chair Yoga + Jermaine (48 min)

    Join Jermaine for a head to toe stretch and flow, ending with some static poses. Chairs with wheels are recommended be placed on top of a mat.

  • The Stretch + Emily (17 min)

    A full body stretch using a chair, this is the perfect stretch to give your body the stretch and love that it deserves through your day.

  • The Chair Yoga + Jermaine (27 min)

    Head to Toe Stretch & Flow:
    This mindful movement class has three elements: we first warm up and increase circulation and energy flow in the body by progressively moving and stretching from head to toe. Second, we link these movements together with our breath to create a simple chair yoga flow. F...

  • The Chair Pilates + Shari (26 min)

  • The Chair Pilates + Shari (26 min)

  • The Chair Pilates + Shari (25 min)

  • The Chair Yoga + Aniela (31 min)

    Join Aniela for this quick and playful movement class to help naturally detox your body through lymphatic drainage. This class is especially suited for those working from home and stationery at a desk for most of the day. Aniela works into the hips and legs to gets your circulation going and join...