7 Day Detox Program

7 Day Detox Program

This 7-day detox program includes both nutrition and yoga detox principles to get stagnant energy and built up toxins moving and eliminated from the body by optimizing its natural detoxification pathways.

What you will receive:
7-day beautifully designed vegan detox meal plan
15 anti-inflammatory, plant-based recipes
Your entire weeks grocery list and shopping tips
Email support throughout the week to keep you on track
7 daily curated yoga detox videos

Invest in your health today to feel increased energy, mental clarity, improved digestion, weight loss and a new found zest for life!

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7 Day Detox Program
  • Day One: Cleanse - The Power Flow

    We will begin by cleansing the body with a power yoga themed practice. This will stimulate your entire body to wake up the digestive system, improve blood circulation, and ignite your metabolism.

  • Day Two: Revive - The Flow

    Restore strength, balance, & definition in your body. We will flow, sweat, twist, tone, burn, breathe, and of course ‘wring out’ all that no longer serves you.

  • Day Three: Exhale - The Restore

    Time to get grounded with this restorative class. This class is a moment to truly reflect within. We will exhale the soreness, tension, stress, and the impurities that are in need of being released out of your body.

  • Day Four: Purify - The Flow

    This practice will keep you moving and focused, getting the blood flowing and metabolism working to set the stage for a new optimized & healthier thriving body.

  • Day Five: Inferno - The Power Flow

    Time to ignite that fire within again and heat things back up. This practice will stimulate the core for weight loss & muscle definition while continuing to ‘wring out’ your digestive organs.

  • Day Six: Oxygenate - The Release

    This grounded class is inspired by yin yoga. We will hold different postures for extended periods of time while welcoming the release of toxins from your muscles, digestive organs, and mind.

  • Day Seven: Rejuvenate - The Power Flow

    A powerful yoga practice that will continue to push you to your next level. We will twist, go deeper, & reflect on this incredible journey together. A powerful finish to an intense week of classes!

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