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The Latest
  • The Stretch + Angela (14 min)

    Join Angela for a stretching flow when you need a quick segment to get you out of any stagnate energy possibly after a long day of work sitting at a desk! Also great to incorporate into a schedule of someone who is doing a lot of toning and strength-building workouts to stretch out those muscles ...

  • The Cardio + Chiara (30 min)

    Join Chiara as she takes us through a barre inspired cardio circuit - 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds break. The circuit will be repeated a total of 3 times. Options are available for a lower impact cardio (no jumping).

  • The Arm Toning + Chivon (20 min)

    Join Chivon for a 20 minute arms focused toning class! A set of light hand weights is ideal for this class, but can be done without as well.

  • The Mixed Movement + Natasha (40 min)

    Join Natasha as she takes us through a mixed movement class - a blend of pilates and yoga. This class will only incorporate body weight, no props needed.

  • The Flow + Tyler (21 Minutes)

    Today, Tyler will guide you through an all levels yoga flow incorporating twists and leg strength. Have a set of blocks ready and your mat for this practice.

  • The Pilates + Natasha (25 min)

    Join Natasha for a 25 minute full-body pilates workout. This class utilizes all your own bodyweight so just yourself and a mat are needed!

  • The Power Barre + Emily (26 min)

  • The Full Moon Flow - Part Two + Sunny (21 Minutes)

    Join Sunny for Part two of a three part series for a new/full moon practice. Today she will guide you through a couple of yin postures to open up the hips and lower back, working in circular patterns. All that you will need is the wall, two blocks and a mat.

  • The Mixed Movement + Tyler (20 Minutes)

    Join Tyler today for a 20 minute Mixed movement session. This class will be pilates focused with a contemporary approach. Working towards functional control and strength in the hip joints through internal and external rotation. You will need to blocks for this class.

  • The Full Moon Flow - Part Three With Sunny (10 Minutes)

    Tune in today with Sunny for a Full Moon Salutation Practice. This can be done on the day of the full moon and is short 10 minute practice including backbends to get your energy flowing and circulation moving. All that you will need is a set of blocks and a mat.

  • The Stretch - Hamstrings + Tyler (21 Minutes)

    Tyler will guide you through a 20 minute hamstring massage and stretch. This will be a yoga based class that will use a set of blocks and dowel to help release and lengthen your lower body.

  • The Full Moon Flow - Part One + Sunny (22 Minutes)

    Release and let go during part one of a full moon yoga practice with Sunny. Join this class on the next full moon or anytime that you would like a slow and relaxed, earthy practice- you will flow in a non-linear way with feminine energy. All that you will need is a mat and a set of block. Follow ...

  • The Lower Body Burn + Faith (25 Minutes)

    Join Faith today for a full lower body workout. This sequence will guide you through a class focusing on your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves. All that you will need is a mat and the option of additional props such as toning bands or weights to make your practice more challenging today.

  • The Mixed Movement - Glutes + Emily (12 Minutes)

    Join Emily today for a short mixed movement class focusing on your glutes. All that you will need is a mat and a set of blocks/books.

  • The Mixed Movement - Upper Body + Emily (11 Minutes)

    Join Emily today for an upper body focused barre class. All that you will need is the intention to strengthen your upper body, your mat and a light set of props. A pair of shoes is optional for this class.

  • The Pilates + Tyler (15 Minutes)

    Join Tyler for a short and sweet pilates practice today. This entire sequence will be on the ground, so make sure you have a mat and a comfortable place to practice.

  • The Power Core + Faith (30 Minutes)

    Today, Faith will guide you through a 30 minute power core pilates class. This class will help you bring awareness to your core function and strength. Props required include a set of toning balls, a squishy ball, and your mat.

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