The Stretch

  • The Stretch + Angela (12min)

    Open up the front of the body in this short and sweet stretch class with Ang. Get yourself a throw blanket for additional cushioning and comfort under the hips or knees.

  • The Stretch + Angela (14 min)

    Join Angela for a stretching flow when you need a quick segment to get you out of any stagnate energy possibly after a long day of work sitting at a desk! Also great to incorporate into a schedule of someone who is doing a lot of toning and strength-building workouts to stretch out those muscles ...

  • The Stretch + Chiara (16 min)

    Join Chiara as she takes us through a 15 full body stretch and focus on tapping into our breath. This flow will allow our bodies time to relax, lengthen, and stretch.

  • The Stretch + Natasha (31 min)

    Join Natasha as she takes us through a full body stretch that will gently open up those small muscles. Yoga strap is used if you have or a tea towel (something with little resistance).

  • The Stretch + Amber (14 min)

    Grab a strap and mat to stretch it out in this warm-up or cool-down with Amber.

  • The Stretch + Chiara (15 min)

    Join Chiara in this short stretch practice that is focused on opening up the body and lengthening the muscles to encourage relaxation and space.

  • The Stretch + Tyler (20 min)

    Join Tyler in this quick class to stretch out the lower part of the body. For this class, you will need a long strap and mat.

  • The Stretch + Aley (12 min)

    Join Aley for this short and sweet stretch. A perfect class to take a break from the desk or as a warm-up or cool-down to a more active class, like The Cario.

  • The Stretch + Natasha (20 min)

    Join Natasha for this short and sweet all-body stretch. Perfect for waking up the body before the day, or cooling down after a heated class. A strap is recommended for this class.

  • The Stretch + Emily (33 min)

    A full body stretch using just a resistance band, join Emily for this great stretch any time throughout the day!

  • The Stretch + Sunny (18 min)

    Join Sunny for a short stretch series for the upper back and neck to allow for relief of any tension caused by sitting for long periods of time. We recommend a blanket for this stretching series.

  • The Chair Yoga + Jermaine (19 min)

    The Chair Yoga: Happy Hips & Spine
    In this class we focus on stretching the spine and opening the hips, making it perfect for a quick and calming break in the middle of your day.

  • The Stretch + Blythe (26 min)

    Enjoy a full body stretch with Blythe. We recommend a mat, two blocks a blanket and a strap for this class.

  • The Stretch + Nora (33 min)

    Deep stretch (for lower body): this half hour is focused on a deep stretch sequence for the lower body. Without access to the gym and our regular workout routines, a lot of us getting outside to for long walks and runs to burn off energy, this will leave your hips and hamstrings extremely tight i...

  • The Stretch + Emily (17 min)

    A full body stretch using a chair, this is the perfect stretch to give your body the stretch and love that it deserves through your day.